Friday, November 4, 2011

Waitangi - Russell

Today we dried our tent after a rainy night at Puketi and headed down to the highway and on to Waitangi. We got into the treaty house visitor center grounds and took lots of pictures of the big waka (war canoe) and the fantastic carvings in the Maori treaty house. We also met Colin and Rosie there again, for about the fourth time since running into them on the road just before Omapere. They got pictures of us riding ninety mile beach from the tour bus. Tonight we decided to stop just outside Russell (the 40km to the next campsite seemed just too much for us). Maybe we'll meet Colin and Rosie again tomorrow on the way to Whangarei!
- mark.

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  1. And sure enough, we did meet Colin and Rosie on the road just after we left the holiday park!