Thursday, October 27, 2011


Well that was another long day - 97km in the end. We left Te Hana after the morning fog lifted ( but before we could get the tent dry). The first 24 km or so were busy highway - not much fun. We met another cycle tourist on the road and had a bit of a chat, then we were off again.
We stopped for lunch in Paparoa, and I decided to pull out my foam pad and have a bit of a nap on the picnic table bench while the tent dried in the sun. I met a nice old man walking his dog in the park and asked him where we might be able to fill up our water bottles. He told me to go across the street to the service station and say "Hi Cam, Ted sent me" for water. Nice people, these Kiwis.
We got to Ruawai a bit after that (and after a few more hills that we slogged up and then flew down). Ciel thought that if it was flat and we had a tailwind, we'd make it to Dargaville tonight. Luckily, she was right!
- mark.

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