Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The beach was HOT!

We had a super quick trip with a tailwind that gave us good time to Thames. But that's when we ran right into a rain/hail squall that was horrific. It was cold and drenching and hard to breathe and see, plus serious crosswind gusts. But we got through it in about 10 minutes and the storm let up. We went up and over the Coromandel Peninsula which was great cause there wasn't too many cars. We met pig hunters who were chasing their dogs. One jumped over the side when he realized his dogs might have had one cornered. They were using tracking devices and gps systems. Big pig hunt this weekend for sport and prize money, but these guys were going for the food I think. After about a 100+km day (we aren't sure cause the rain squall wiped out Mark's cycling computer, and mine got wiped out after taking a dive on the pavement) we arrived to our destination where there is a hotspring located on a beach.

Hot water beach was pretty fun - lots of people for low tide in the evening, but this morning we went again and it was much more mellow. Definitely need to bring a spade to shovel... using your hands just don't do it.

The tide wipes out all traces of the holes we dig and then people have another opportunity about 12 hours later.

Bathing Beauties

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