Sunday, September 11, 2011

Last preparations for flight

Getting the new pet tags made

Packaging up the bike nice and small after washing and cleaning them

He also cleaned the tent and anything that had any dirt on it. I got out of it cause I was at the hospital with my mom.

We ate yesterday at another ethiopian place close to where she is hospitalized.

Highly recommended if you ever make it to 14th and Jefferson in Seattle

$5.99 lunch buffet every day of the week except sundays

The fur kids are settling in nice knowing full well that we are getting ready to leave...

We've spent the past days at the hospital helping my mom who has an ischemic foot - she gets another revision tomorrow late afternoon, debate as to whether to stay to help her out when she gets out of the hospital, but the feeling now is to not postpone travel and fly out on Tuesday as planned. She has been dealing with this medical condition for several years with less success than we all like.

She's a world traveller and she supports us going. For the past two years she has been asking, "got your tickets yet? found a home for your dogs?" Well now we have the tickets and a home for the dogs and she is having additional problems that we hope will go away rather quickly.

Needless to say she is the person offering her home for the two dogs... I am grateful for that cause it makes going possible, but now she might need someone to take care of her!

We'll see if tomorrow she is still encouraging me to go (I'd miss Australia portion, and meet Mark hopefully a month later...)

What would you do in this situation?

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