Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Henrietta Creek to Bramston Beach

Down the road from Henrietta creek, we came across some roadside fruit stands, where we bought some bananas and papaya. The little "monkey bananas" were the sweetest I've ever had! The papaya was really good too.

Then we got to Innisfail (there's also an Edmonton just south of Cairns too, but we didn't find a Calgary).

After a tour through Flying Fish Point (a place we were told was good to spot a cassowary, but no luck), we got to Bramston Beach.

I was ready for a shower and swim by this time, so I paid for a campsite in the crowded caravan park (Ciel said she still had the energy to ride to the small campsites in the national park just north of here, but I didn't think we'd be in luck finding a vacant spot). The ocean was the warmest water I've been in here, aside from the hot springs!

We had to have ginger beer at the cafe, of course...


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